The Phoenix Patong Grand Hotel: A Relaxing and Stress Free Stay

While planning my vacation to Thailand, I was overwhelmed by the number of options regarding housing and hotels. Through recommendations, I decided to book with the Phoenix Grand Patong Hotel. I was nervous about booking a hotel I had never seen, in a country I had never been to. Of course, there are hotel review sites like TripAdvisor, but those reviews can be fudged. Filled with nervousness, I boarded the plane and began my journey to Thailand. After a long and tiring plane ride, it was a short ride to the Phoenix Grand Patong Hotel. With help from the driver, I unloaded my bags and stared up at the hotel. From the moment I laid eyes on the hotel, I was impressed. At least from the outside, my nerves were settling as I was reassured the photographs online didn’t lie.

The outside of the Phoenix Grand Hotel was something to look at. It didn’t have the standard ugly, square building type I had become accustomed to from most hotels in the United States. The many windows that stretched into the sky gave the hotel an open and friendly appearance when paired with the white paint. That night, I did not venture out into the city to see the sites. I headed straight inside and stood in the check-in line. The receptionist and other staff were very friendly and polite. They understood English and were very understanding of my inexperience with the city. I requested extra pillows to be brought up to my room if it wasn’t too much trouble and they sent someone up with me. They also encouraged me to come back down in the morning and ask for recommendations for sites to see during my stay.

My room was on the third floor and the room signs were very well labeled to remove any confusion. The worker left me with my extra pillows (which were very fluffy) and I was alone to enjoy my room at the Phoenix Grand Hotel. Because I was travelling alone, I had reserved a single bed room. I wasn’t expecting to be in a room big enough for two or more people, but I was surprised to find I was. The room was painted in a smooth white color and the floor to ceiling windows let in enough moonlight that I could have made my way around without turning on the lights. Since I was tired, I decided to call it a night and to go bed. The bed was large, soft and very, very comfortable. I had assumed I would have trouble falling asleep because I was in a strange place, but I fell asleep right away.

The next morning, I was treated to breakfast and advice on where to head first. I spent most of my time outside of the hotel during my vacation, enjoying the surrounding area. I definitely recommend the Phoenix Patong Hotel for anyone who needs to book a hotel for their vacation to Thailand. They turned a potentially stressful situation into a relaxing experience.

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