Royal Ivory Nana Hotel Bangkok

A friend had told me that an excellent place to stay in the Sukhumvit area was Nana Hotel Bangkok, so I had booked a room on his advice. Royal Ivory Nana Hotel Bangkok is located at 73 Sukhumvit 4 Alley. As I strolled along the road, approaching the hotel I saw an ATM on my left, next door to the hotel. I was careful to a mental note of its location, as I knew I needed some money later.

As I stepped nervously into the hotel, I was pleasantly surprised. The reception area was immaculate and spacious. The reception desk was a polished wood that matched the expanse of polished wood floor. The receptionist did not speak much English, but I managed to book-in alright, she also explained that I had to leave a THB500 “damage deposit.” A funny “extra” supplied by the hotel in the room were two different brands of condom!

This hotel, which was renovated in 2012, is in a really great location. It is around 3-4 minutes from restaurants and 5-8 minutes’ walk to Nana Station. It is on the edge of a red-light district but not actually in it, so no loud noises and disruption from nearby bars. In fact, the street is reasonably quiet.

Features of the hotel

Royal ivory nana hotel bangkok has a pleasant outdoor pool, it’s not huge, but it’s clean. The hotel has a reasonable free WIFI, cable TV, and a safety deposit box. The hotel has it’s own Thai Massage service and laundry services.

The reception desk is 24 hours, which is handy, and there is also a tour desk, which I think is also 24 hours. The restaurant, and indeed the whole hotel has an Indian flavor to it. If you are a conservative westerner, you will find a lack of choice at breakfast as the main dishes seem to be Indian style. You can sometimes get eggs, but why not try the Indian style dishes?

The bar does not offer entertainment, but I found that to be a good thing. If you want noisy bars with loud music, there are plenty of places nearby. I sometimes like to have a place where I can sit and chill.

The nana hotel offers a free TukTuk service and also an airport shuttle. If you prefer to, you can take the short walk to Nana station and travel to the airport that way. There is free public parking on the hotel site and on-street parking, if you have hired a car.


The hotel rooms have a fair amount of space and come equipped with a minibar, bottles of water, cable TV, and WIFI (not the fastest though). When you consider it is classified as three-star, you are getting quite a high standard of comfort. For the low price, this is an excellent option for single travelers or families.

I was happy staying at the hotel and would recommend it. I would be pleased to check-in there again, although next time I am in Bangkok, I will probably stay at, and review, another hotel.