Great stay in Patong Hotel Phuket at Mirage Patong City Hotel Phuket

My family and I have had an absolutely great time in Thailand over the past two weeks. Thailand has been a truly incredible country to see. The last two weeks were spent on the islands in the South. We chose to stay in a Patong hotel in Phuket. We based ourselves at the Mirage Patong City Hotel Phuket.

The Mirage Patong Phuket Hotel was an awesome choice and we were happy to be staying there throughout our vacation. We flew in from Bangkok and then took a taxi from the airport to the Patong Hotel Phuket where we had plans to stay. The Mirage Patong City Hotel Phuket was easy to get to and when we arrived it didn’t take too long to check in. The staff was friendly and they were very helpful to us in getting settled into the room. The room was not huge, but it was a comfortable size for the four of us and it was clean and tidy. The beds were soft and I think if I were alone I would have taken a nap right then. However, we wanted to get a chance to see the city while it was still light out so we left our bags and went down to the lobby.

mirage patong city hotel

The girl who was working at the front desk got us a tuk-tuk and told him to take us to the main walking street. It was early but the bars were already starting to get wild with tons of tourists of all ages and clearly a wide verity of nationalities out having a great time. We stopped for dinner at one of the quitter places and enjoyed the scenery.

We decided to walk back to our room which was not a problem because the Mirage Patong City Hotel Phuket is set just two streets back from the main walking street, right in the heart of the city, We were able to walk there in just a few minutes. The little bit of space was nice because when we went to our rooms at night it was still quite so we did not have to listen to a lot of noise from the bars.

The sun was just starting to go down when we went up to the private rooftop pool which I am told is pretty rare in Patong hotels in Phuket. The sun set was beautiful over the city and we had a great view from the roof. The pool is not very big but here were only a handful of other people up there. The kids had fun swimming and diving in and climbing out and then doing it again and my wife and I sat and talked about what we wanted to do during the next couple of weeks. After swimming the kids were exhausted and went to bed. My wife and I went downstairs to the Mirage Patong City Hotel Phuket Bar and had a drink before going back upstairs. It had been a long day and I’m happy to say we all got a great nights sleep before the next days adventure.